J.R.S. Video & Audio Remastering & Production L.L.C.

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         Welcome to J.R.S. Video & Audio remastering & production L.L.C. . We are  a small production, remastering business outta Ronceverte,WV. We strive to produce some of the best quality we can for
a fair low price. We can  do Transfers from older media to newer and remaster it for your use, like old VHS to dvd or blu-ray yes we do blu-ray. We have the most advanced equipment in this area and can
do more then most average places can. We can do green screen and    Videography work as well.  We also will be able to give you a studio to record in and to do cds we have full cd making equipment and can produce quality matching alot of places. We only come with 100% or nothing cause at the end of the day making the customers happy is JOB #1. You folks are the ones who need these services and deserve to have them cause  computers are the now and is the future and this can bring so much to Ronceverte that it could be a good thing and help make it better.                                                                                                                                     

This is a video Transfer done of Jeff Russell's Live Performance Converted From VHS to Digital Media Format. If you have Older Media You and Would Like your media Transfered Let Us Know!